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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Recently, I´ve had various people send me emails or messages saying that they´ve really enjoyed reading The Student Investor, but that they´d like to know more about me and why I decided to start the blog. Therefore, I´ve decided to answer several questions that I received across various social media platforms, to give you an insight into my thought process.

Q: Why did you start The Student Investor?

A: I could write pages and pages about why I started this blog, but I´ll try and keep it short and sweet. Fundamentally, I believed that there was a significant gap in the market for a platform like this. For students with very little, or no investment knowledge, it´s undeniably hard to start and learn. Diving straight into the Financial Times or The Economist can be overwhelming, and it´s expected that you already understand some key terminology (which is unlikely). I believed that if I could combine my passion for writing with my passion for investment, I´d be able to create an easily accessible platform for students with digestible material, that would inspire them to learn more about the financial world.

Q: How successful has the blog been so far?

A: Within the first couple of months since The Student Investor started, the blog has had well over 1,000 visitors and views, which is a really surprising figure, as I didn´t expect it to be so well-received so quickly. Furthermore, it has been read by people in 23 different countries around the world, from Lithuania and Tanzania, to Antigua & Barbuda and the Philippines. Obviously with each post, I am learning more about what attracts a wider audience, and what seems to engage more people, but at the moment, I´m absolutely delighted and overwhelmed with the feedback. I´ve received messages of support from various organisations and people, which has really motivated me to create content on a weekly basis. For that, I´d like to say a massive thank you to all my readers!

Q: What blog post has been your favourite to write so far?

A: All of my articles have required significant periods of research, and collating and analysing data and then being able to write an article with the information I have is something I really enjoy doing. If there is one article in particular that I liked writing, it was this one (about the Football Index App). I never thought that I´d be able to combine three of my biggest passions in football, investment and writing, all in one, but I was wrong!

Having said this, something that has gone down really well is the recent series titled ´Investing 101.´The aim was to provide information to students in the most simple way, so that they could understand key operations and terminology of the investment world fully. Since starting this series of posts, views have skyrocketed, and I´m getting lots of requests to write about certain things – all in good time!

Q: What makes you qualified to be writing an investment blog?

A: In none of my blog posts do I offer investment advice, which would require actual qualifications and certificates etc. Whilst I actively track different financial markets, it was never my intention to offer stock recommendations or similar services. Instead, I am writing openly from experience. The first articles were based on information that I had learnt during previous investment and wealth management internships. I wanted to share what it was like to work in different environments, and different interesting topics that I discovered when working in different places.

With my latest focus being on producing ´Investing 101´articles, I don´t believe any qualifications are really required, except for a passion for writing and investment, and the desire to help others learn.

Q: What financial experience do you have? A: Over the last year, I´ve really nurtured my passion, and have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to some incredible work opportunities in the City of London, Tel Aviv, and currently, in Madrid. I´ve worked in a variety of positions as an intern, as well as serving as the Corporate Relations Manager of the Birmingham University Investment Society. People always ask me why and how I´ve managed to gain an internship or work experience in the financial sector when I am doing a completely unrelated degree (History and Spanish), but if you´re passionate about something, you´ll do whatever it takes to find opportunities here and there to learn more and grow professionally.

However, although I´ve been extremely fortunate so far with the opportunities that I have been presented with, I am always looking for more ways to learn, and am currently in the process of applying for internships with asset management firms for next summer. This is a tough and very competitive process, which you can read all about in one of my articles dedicated to the application process here!

If you´d like a summary of my work experience to date, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin here or request a copy of my CV!

Q: What does the future hold for your blog?

A: I´m always looking at ways to grow the blog, to inspire as many students as possible. Finding a way to promote The Student Investor to gain a greater online presence and a wider global audience is a priority in the short-term. With a stronger and larger reader community, I would love to create a blog newsletter, whether in print or email form. Although those subscribed to the blog via WordPress can receive email updates every time a new article is published, these followers only account for a very small percentage of the blog´s audience to date.

Another initiative that I´d like to promote is the idea of other students writing for the blog. So far, three talented individuals have written articles for the blog, or shared their work that they´ve posted elsewhere. To be able to attract more students to write and share their work on the blog is definitely something that I´m looking at doing.

In terms of content, I´d love to keep going with the ´Investing 101´series, as I´m really enjoying creating the content. However, I also have some exciting projects and ideas up my sleeves!

Finally, in the long-run, I´d like to take the blog off WordPress so it can have its own unique website platform, but this is certainly a distant project.

Q: Are you open to people writing articles for the blog?

A: See above! But yes, I am always looking for students and professionals to provide content for The Student Investor. The more, the merrier! No background in writing is needed necessarily either, as I tend to edit all articles that are sent to me before they are published (I don´t change the content – only the grammar and punctuation etc to make it more readable). If you´d like to write an article for The Student Investor, send me a message on Linkedin!

Q: What career plans do you currently have?

A: Until a couple of years ago, I wasn´t sure what I wanted to do in the future (hence studying History at university)! However, I now have a plan which is to finish studying at university next year, and then hopefully get onto a graduate programme with an investment/asset management firm. There are two areas that particularly fascinate me – portfolio management and equity research – and only time and experience will tell which one I will hopefully end up doing.

Q: What is the biggest learning curve/challenge that you have experienced since starting the blog?

A: I think that, having just started a full-time job and settling in to a new city in a new country, it has been difficult to dedicate time to writing new posts. However, now I am in the rhythm of my new work schedule and lifestyle, and I´ve managed to find times to be able to write!

Also, the intention of the blog was always to effectively act as a beginners guide to investment, but my first few posts were not as accessible as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I have rectified this with the ´Investing 101´series.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to stay tuned for the next post – it’s going to be a really exciting one so don’t miss it!

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